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"I can't even properly describe how wonderful and truly life changing this clinic is." - Carol S.

"I don't try to understand the science behind this work or how it does what it does, but I will say, it's extremely powerful." - Rick C.

"Tiffany is, in my opinion, a miracle worker.  She has helped me more in the past month than years of every other type of healing/therapy type work I've tried.  Her calming presence and no fluff approach are exactly what everyone needs.  She gives you actual tools to move forward and make changes, rather than just telling you that you need to change, which is refreshing and unlike any other practitioner I've met.  I am recommending that all my friends and family go see her - she truly can change your life." - Jamie H.


"Jim Honey is an extraordinary healer. Whatever your problem, be it physical or mental, if you really want to remedy it then Jim is the man to see. He's helped me break free and into a bright new world. He's honest and open and friendly, and quite simply one of the best healers in the world today. Oh, and he's also quite funny." - D.C.

"At Healing for People I found a sense of connection to my deepest self. I had given up on finding it through mediation. What I have now is something I’ve longed for my whole life." - Lynzie K.

"This is what you've always wanted holistic health to be. No nonsense, based on real information, useful, practical and utterly effective. Whatever disappointments you've had before and whatever your hesitations, give yourself the chance to get what you need and go make an appointment." T.H.

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"I found Healing for People when I was suffering from deep and persistent anxiety that had hampered my ability to develop and engage deeply in my personal (and in some cases, professional) relationships. I didn't even realize how much baggage I was carrying due to past betrayals and disappointments, both by others and self-inflicted. Working with Tiffany helped me to move past these experiences, which had come to dominate my expectations of others and of myself. Within a few months, I found myself feeling freer, lighter, and like myself. The difference was notable, and perhaps even more importantly, it has been sustainable. I truly feel that I let go of my past and was able to move into my present. Now, I see Tiffany occasionally for a tune-up, when the accumulated stresses of life seem to be tipping towards overwhelming. I find that a session with her helps me balance, center, forgive, and focus, and I am so grateful that I met her when I did! " - S.W.

"I was very skeptical at first as I was totally unfamiliar with energy medicine. During my first session, I was stunned as l actually felt something. In subsequent sessions, Tiffany was able to help me help myself with several issues specifically regarding mental health and focus. My only regret is that I now reside in Southern California and there is no one available here with her abilities. " - W.G.

"It's hard for me to trust people, I'm much more comfortable figuring things out on my own. But I'd done everything I could without success and really needed a solution. Chyna helped me find it in myself with such skill and no judgement. I like myself now, I'm figuring things out and it's fun. I look forward to every session and I can't say enough about her work and what's possible." - T.S.

"I have seen Tiffany ongoing for several years, coming originally for some chronic digestive issues.  That has immensely improved, as well as things which are harder to measure.  I feel like I have released lots of childhood trauma, limiting beliefs and have gained the ability to emotionally self-regulate as well as the ability to create what I want..I was in a toxic job when we met.  Since then I have created my profession as a college professor, working many places and impacting the lives of nursing students and healthcare." - Lynda C.


"The experience is very professional but still warm and welcoming and what Healing for People is able to accomplish is truly magical.  Since getting pneumonia in college, I would get at least one debilitating bronchial infection yearly.  Nothing I did to prevent getting sick seemed to make a difference.  Until I starting seeing Tiffany.  She was able to strengthen my compromised immune system, and now when I occasionally get a cold, that is all it is, a cold.  I am better and back to normal life in a few days rather then it taking a few weeks to clear up.  I can confidently say that Tiffany has changed my life!" - Bianca S.

"These sessions have been one of the major turning points in my recovery from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I have also had a painful knee for nearly 30 years and been told that the only medical option was to have a knee replacement. I saw Jim and since then I have had very little trouble with my knee at all. The best thing about these healing techniques is that you don’t have to discuss anything, just relax and let your energy do what it’s meant to do." - S.R.

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