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Digestion challenges
Lyme disease
Auto-immune dysfunction
Sleeplessness, chronic fatigue
Hot flashes, hormone imbalances
Post-surgery pain and/or recovery
Scar tissue pain and restricted movement
Endometriosis and fibroids
Prescription toxicity (e.g. chemotherapy, peginterferon)


Mental and Emotional


Anxiety and depression
Needing to get "unstuck"
Self-abusive behavior
Relationship challenges
Procrastination, poor choices
Fear, e.g. bridges, water
Eating imbalances
Trouble concentrating
Obsessive compulsive disorders
Anger management
Post-traumatic Stress Injuries

What Do We Do?
we make change possible

We use energy medicine techniques to reduce or eliminate symptoms, release the charge of the past so it has no impact, and bring the clarity and freedom required to make decisions and fulfill your potential. Here are some examples of symptoms you may be hoping to change below:

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