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Our Team

Tiffany Hunter, PhD


Tiffany’s attentive and curious approach to healing coupled with her commitment to grow in her professional and personal life, makes her a healer that is easy to talk to, work with, and confide in. She is also a natural teacher and has a great laugh, which makes it easy to receive thought-provoking information and deeply transforming healing from her, while still feeling cared for and respected. She is also the author of Reiki Helps You Feel Better: A guide for young people and curious adults, a book suitable for ages 9 to 13 but also comprehensive enough for adults to get all the info quickly.

Tiffany has been studying healing and energy for over 35 years and has a PhD in research psychology from University College at the University of London. In 2002 she took the best of all her information and combined it to open what is now the Healing for People clinic. Tiffany uses she/her.


Chyna Honey

Chyna believes in supporting people to be and act as their potential dictates, not as their mental scripts or programmed beliefs dictate. She has a supreme grasp of how our behavior, our thoughts, the way we treat ourselves and especially the way we allow others to treat us, has a profound effect on us. She believes in supporting people to be and act as they actually are, not as their past or history has influenced them to be.


Chyna is the owner/founder of Café del Soul, three natural and organic cafes located in Marin County, California and New Smyrna Beach, FL. She is also the author of Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine, bringing the system of Reiki back to its origins as an energy medicine practice. Chyna uses she/her. 

Jim Honey

Jim’s sense of humor and playfulness - look out for the puns - makes him fun and easy to work with. The depth and speed of his work is life-changing, and allows people to engage the best part of themselves for change and growth. He's a painter and an author, including the Way of the Wizards series, and always includes energy in all that he creates.,

To be the true master that he is now, Jim studied under many healing systems and healing masters for over 50 years. His work is the basis for all we do at Healing for People, as well as in clinics across three continents. He also created the Honey Healing Method, a revolutionary technique for people to use when they want to free themselves from the past. Jim uses he/him. 

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