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Restorative Healing Session


This appointment is a healing appointment for new or existing clients.  For new clients it includes some diagnostic assessment but is for people who wish to talk less and move right into healing. For new clients who would prefer to gain more information before moving into a healing appointment, please look at the Personal Assessment appointment.


​A Restorative session is for people with mild to moderate symptoms, a difficult time relaxing naturally, wishing to increase vitality, rebalance their mind, reduce mild pain and anxiety, improve sleep and generally boost overall health. It is also an excellent solution for people looking for stress relief and preventative medicine. 


​This appointment is for 60 minutes, costs $125 and  can only be done in person.

Personal Assessment


A Personal Assessment is for new clients with mild to severe symptoms, a specific diagnosis, or who feel blocked or unsure how to get traction out of a situation. This is primarily a talking appointment, for people who want more information before they receive treatment. For people who would like to move directly into a healing appointment, please see our other services.


We will listen to as much information as you want to share, e.g. what has and what has not worked previously, your priorities and your hypotheses, and any variables that you feel we need to understand. 

At the end you will have a clear understanding of how we view your situation, what service(s) we believe you need to address it, at what pace and combination, and why. After you have all the information you can then decide what your next steps are, and take them in the way best suited to you. 

​This appointment may be in person or online, costs $155 and is 45 - 75 minutes.


Curative Healing Session


This is a healing appointment and is usually used with existing clients. However, if new clients wish to start here we will accommodate that. 


This is a multi-frequency session for clients who have moderate to severe symptoms and require more than Restorative session alone can offer. Using vibrations tailored specifically to the person, this appointment may include releasing blocks, balancing energy systems and/or uncovering blind spots to growth. This healing starts with the body and does not require talking, although it may be included if it is appropriate and/or desired. It may also include Directionalist techniques when needed.

This appointment is 60 - 75 minutes, costs $220 and can only be done in person.


Directionalist Session


This is a healing appointment that is usually done with existing  clients with moderate to severe symptoms. However, if new clients wish to start here, we will accommodate that. 


This healing untangles the thoughts, ideas, mindsets and conflicts that are negatively affecting the person physically or mentally. It includes talking through your current situation and tracing those energy links to your energy anatomy to unravel or release them. This brings clarity, symptom relief, a new way of thinking or a feeling of having what your mind knows, and what your body does, on the same page.

This appointment is 45 - 60 minutes, costs $220 and may be done online or in person.


Our Specialty is Trauma


Most people believe trauma is only something you read about in the news. And while trauma certainly includes abuse, it can also be losing your favorite kindergarten teacher, being publicly shamed in a meeting or surviving a car accident. Trauma is anything in our past that is making our now difficult. We often didn't know, or didn't think it was a big deal at the time, but it's there, stored in our bodies, and creating complications. 

Imagine a small piece of debris getting stuck on a river rock - it may impede the flow, but only a little. Yet over time, other pieces will join it and then more and more until eventually there’s a blockage in the flow and the river needs to accommodate an obstructive mass in its way. Like that river, trauma causes obstructions in our energy anatomy, creating symptoms and problems that show up other places. When things are hard to solve, or only work temporarily, it’s often because there’s trauma at the core of it, and until that trauma is freed, the problem won’t go away.

It's often the reason why something won't go away using techniques that have worked for others, or fixing health issues starts to feel like a game of wack-a-mole - fixing one thing that just pops up somewhere else. Trauma is often the glue that holds the problem together or keeps us stuck in one place.  Our specialty is fixing the problem as well as the trauma - to find a solution that sticks and bringing you the freedom you need.


The Honey Healing Method

A revolutionary treatment for trauma


Emotional experiences from our past can lead to despair, anxiety, illness or a subtle feeling that things are not right. The impact and residual energy of such experiences can remain in the body for many years. The Honey Healing Method is named after its creator, Jim Honey. Although this technique is used in other clinics, we are lucky enough to have Jim as one of our practitioners here at Healing for People. The technique allows those old experiences to come out of storage and gently dissolve and release from your energy anatomy, freeing you from distress, confusion or unwanted behavioral patterns.  It is  deeper and more comprehensive than the other release techniques we use because it incorporates more layers of the energy anatomy more deeply.

People who have experienced it comment that having let go of emotional blocks they respond differently to familiar people and situations. It works for those who wish to articulate their distress but is particularly well suited to those who 'just want to get rid of it' without talking. You will be in control the entire time, and there is no need to share any of your specific experiences if you do not wish to.

This appointment is 60 to 90 minutes, costs $350 and may only be done in person.


Seeing Improvement In Three Sessions


While you may not know how we do what we do, feeling better should never be uncertain or mysterious. We expect to see improvement in 3 to 4 sessions. The ultimate goal may not be reached yet, but we expect enough concrete change for us both to justify more sessions.

We usually ask people to consider 3 sessions in 3 weeks when possible. It gives us momentum to get the ball rolling and change direction if we need to. After those 3 sessions we evaluate together what, if anything, should happen next.

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