Healing for People

An Energy Medicine Clinic

When solutions are hard to find, or only work temporarily, it might be because you're looking to the wrong branch of healthcare.

Energy medicine is the newest area of healthcare that addresses the strength and balance of our energy anatomy. Most people are familiar with how to take care of their body and mind, but many do not realize that we are also made up from energy systems and organs, and they must be healthy too.

Please get in touch if you want to find out how energy medicine works and what's possible for you. Call Tiffany Hunter, PhD, our Clinic Director, at 415.380.8600.

Why Our Egg?

Over time and cultures eggs have long represented rebirth, potential, creativity and hope: so much in such a small package. We strive to emulate these qualities in all the work we do.


As an essential healthcare clinic we are open during COVID-19. We follow all mandated and suggested safety protocols, including sanitizing surfaces before your arrival and seeing one person in the clinic at a time. We will happily go over the full protocols in detail when we meet.


What We Do:

We Make Change Possible

We support you to reduce or eliminate symptoms, release the charge of the past so it has no impact, and bring the clarity required to make decisions or change direction. Here are some examples below:



Digestion challenges
Lyme disease
Auto-immune dysfunction
Sleeplessness, chronic fatigue
Hot flashes, hormone imbalances
Post-surgery pain and/or recovery
Scar tissue pain and restricted movement
Endometriosis and fibroids
Prescription toxicity (e.g. chemotherapy, peginterferon)

Healing knee.jpeg
Healing ankle.jpeg

Mental and Emotional


Anxiety and depression
Needing to get "unstuck"
Self-abusive behavior
Relationship challenges
Procrastination, poor choices
Fear, e.g. bridges, water
Eating imbalances
Trouble concentrating
Obsessive compulsive disorders
Anger management
Post-traumatic Stress Injuries

How People Feel About Us

"I can't even properly describe how wonderful and truly life changing this clinic is." - Carol S.


Our Services and Where to Start

Reiki Healing


This appointment is a healing appointment for new or existing clients.  For new clients it includes some diagnostic assessment but is for people who wish to talk less and move right into healing. For new clients who would prefer to gain more information before moving into a healing appointment, please look at the Personal Assessment appointment.


​Reiki healing is for people with mild to moderate symptoms, a difficult time relaxing naturally, want to increase vitality, rebalance their mind, reduce mild pain and anxiety, improve sleep and generally boost overall health. It is also an excellent solution for people looking for stress relief and preventative medicine. 


​This appointment is for 60 minutes.

New clients are $150, existing clients are $125.

Personal Assessment


A Personal Assessment is for new clients with mild to severe symptoms, a specific diagnosis, or who feel blocked or unsure how to get traction out of a situation. This is primarily a talking appointment, for people who want more information before they receive treatment. For people who would like to move directly into a healing appointment, please see the Reiki and Applied Energy Flow appointments. 


We will listen to as much information as you want to share, e.g. what has and what has not worked previously, your priorities and your hypotheses, and any variables that you feel we need to understand. 

At the end of the hour you will have a clear understanding of how we view your situation, what service(s) we believe you need to address it, at what pace and combination, and why. After you have all the information you can then decide what your next steps are, and take them in the way best suited to you. 

​This appointment is 60 minutes and $150.

Applied Energy Flow Healing


This is a healing appointment and is usually used with existing clients. However, if new clients wish to start here we will accommodate that. 


This is a multi-frequency session for clients who have moderate to severe symptoms and require more than Reiki alone can offer. Tailored specifically to the person, this appointment may include releasing blocks, balancing energy systems and/or uncovering blind spots to growth.

This appointment is 60 minutes and $220.

Seeing Improvement In Three Sessions


While you may not know how we do what we do, feeling better should never be uncertain or mysterious. We expect to see improvement in 3 to 4 sessions. The ultimate goal may not be reached yet, but we expect a concrete reason to continue going forward with more sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What actually happens?

During healing appointments you will be asked to fill in 5 to 7 minutes of forms. These are not mandatory. After speaking with your healer about your goals, you will be invited to lie fully clothed on a massage table. Your practitioner will move slowly around the table and place their hands gently on, or hovering over, energy access points throughout your body. This varies to accommodate pregnant woman and people whose pain or comfort requires different positions. 


Is it okay if I'm skeptical?

Absolutely. Please bring your questions and skepticism and allow the work to show you how it happens. All we ask is that you please be open, as it’s pointless for everyone if you are fighting us.

How Much Do I Have To Talk?

We will ask you to fill in forms and answer a few questions when you first come in, but how much you tell us is entirely up to you. While there may be information that would make your practitioner's job quicker if you told them, it is not necessary as we’ll be responding to what we find diagnostically while we work on you. Energy medicine works with the body's energy, not by talking.


Our Team

Tiffany Hunter, PhD


Tiffany’s attentive and curious approach to healing coupled with her commitment to grow in her professional and personal life, makes her a healer that is easy to talk to, work with, and confide in. She is also a natural teacher and has a great laugh, which makes it easy to receive thought-provoking information and deeply transforming healing from her, while still feeling cared for and respected. 

Tiffany has been studying healing and energy for over 35 years and has a PhD in research psychology from University College at the University of London. In 2002 she took the best of all her information and combined it to open what is now the Healing for People clinic. Tiffany uses she/her.

Chyna Honey

Chyna believes in supporting people to be and act as their potential dictates, not as their mental scripts or programmed beliefs dictate. She has a supreme grasp of how our behavior, our thoughts, the way we treat ourselves and especially the way we allow others to treat us, has a profound effect on us. She believes in supporting people to be and act as they actually are, not as their past or history has influenced them to be.


Chyna is the owner/founder of Café del Soul, two natural and organic cafes located in Marin County, California. She is also the author of Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine, bringing the system of Reiki back to its origins as an energy medicine practice. Chyna uses she/her. 

Jim Honey

Jim’s sense of humor and playfulness - look out for the puns, makes him fun and easy to work with. The depth and speed of his work is life-changing, and allows people to engage the best part of themselves for change and growth. He's a painter and an author, including the Way of the Wizards series, and always includes energy in all that he creates. www.jimhoneyartwork.com, www.wayofthewizards.net

To be the true master that he is now, Jim studied under many healing systems and healing masters for over 50 years. His work is the basis for all we do at Healing for People, as well as in clinics across three continents. He also created the Honey Healing Method, a revolutionary technique for people to use when they want to free themselves from the past. Jim uses he/him. 

Upcoming Events

Reiki Level One Class
Sat, Nov 07
Healing For People
Nov 07, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Healing For People, 1408 4th St #31, San Rafael, CA 94903, USA
Reiki is a healing technique you can learn for yourself. It's incredibly easy to learn and the best part is that you can do it while you're doing other things, so you don't have to set aside special time.
Self-care class
Put on hold with COVID
Put on hold with COVID
This class covers self-care actions to do in the world alongside internal tools to keep our minds happy too. What I'm excited about is how simple these things can be but how deeply satisfying and long-lasting the results can be.
Reiki Share
Put on hold with COVID
Put on hold with COVID
Reiki Share are a time for us to come together informally and learn more about Reiki, practice our skills and/or receive healing. No experience is necessary and it's open to all.
Understanding Grounding
Put on hold with COVID
Put on hold with COVID
"Feeling grounded" is one of the most frequently heard requests at the Healing for People clinic. This class goes over the principals, impediments and methods to remain appropriately grounded.
Energy Boundaries: Learn to create and keep them
Put on hold with COVID
Put on hold with COVID
Stop being influenced by other people and get them out of your energy. This class is to give you solid boundaries when you want them and open boundaries when you want. Know who you are without the influence of others and give yourself a chance for spontaneous, unedited reactions.
Reiki Level Two Class
Put on hold with COVID
Put on hold with COVID
Level two is for people who already have their Reiki attunement and want to move from self-care into knowing more about the why and how Reiki works. This class is looking underneath the hood of your Reiki practice, to know more. This class also moves from self-care to working with others.
Meditation Class
Put on hold with COVID
Put on hold with COVID
This guided meditation class will support you to calm your 'monkey-mind', learn techniques you can use later, and support your mind and your body to be on the same team.
Chi Bending Party
Put on hold with COVID
Put on hold with COVID
Chi is an energy that runs through your body and can be harnessed to make change in your physical environment. It's the energy that martial artists use to break bricks and topple giant walls of ice. Come and learn to harness yours to to bend metal and feel the strength and focus of your chi energy.

Contact Us

Please contact Tiffany Hunter, PhD, our Clinic director, for more information or to make an appointment. You can also make an appointment through one of the Appointment buttons on this site.

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