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Healing for People

an energy medicine clinic

If solutions are hard to find, or only work temporarily, it might be because you're looking to the wrong branch of healthcare.

Energy medicine is the newest branch of healthcare that addresses the strength and balance of our energy anatomy. Most people are familiar with how to take care of their body and mind and forget that we are also made up from energy systems and organs that need attention and support to stay healthy too.


We have a specialty for situations that have become more complicated because of stress, and for situations where emotions from the past have gotten stuck in the body and are causing problems now.


Stress and lack of sleep makes everything harder and nipping it in the bud will keep you healthier and prevent more problems in the future. Even complicated situations are greatly helped if your stress is not part of the burden.


Emotions from the past can get stuck in the body, even when you understand what happened and don’t think about it anymore. Frequently it’s obvious: difficult parenting, military service, messy divorce, abuse, medical injury, etc. But not always. It’s possible that losing our best friend in 2nd grade or internalizing a mean comment at work can “stick” with us and cause problems - even when we don’t remember it happening or didn’t think it was a big deal.


When these emotions get stuck in the system, they cause their own problems and complicate existing problems. Sometimes, the only way to find a lasting solution is to work with the symptoms, the stress and the stuck emotions together. We do this by working with the body and without having to talk about it.


Please get in touch if you want to find out more about how energy medicine works and what's possible for you. Call Tiffany Hunter, PhD, our Clinic Director, at 386.327.5666.

Why Our Egg?

Over time and cultures eggs have long represented hope, potential, growth and rebirth: so much in such a small package. We strive to honor these qualities in all the work we do.

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