Reiki Helps You Feel Better: A Guide for Young People and Curious Adults

Reiki Helps You Feel Better: A Guide for Young People and Curious Adults

This is a pdf of the printed book. It has the illustrations but not the colorful front cover. This can be seen on any digital device. If you want the eBook version, that is in the store too. It does not have illustrations.


Cory says, “Reiki is kinda crazy, but I really love it. It also makes my little brother seem a lot less annoying!” Cory’s mother wants you to know that it’s also helped with sleep, anxiety and patience.


What if your family had a way to help their stress, sleep better, and improve their mood and focus? Something your kids could do for themselves, at any time of the day, had no side effects and was actually fun for them? Sound wonderful? Well, that’s what this book is about!


Reiki Helps You Feel Better: A Guide for Young People and Curious Adults explains the energy medicine self-care technique called Reiki. Thorough enough for adults but aimed at ages 11 to 14, it’s firmly rooted in the everyday teen and tween world of soccer practice, friendships, school, and growing up. Talking about the What, Why and How of energy healing doesn’t have to be vague or confusing, and this book proves it.


Because it’s something kids (and adults!) can do to take care of themselves independently, you’ll see how your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem grow along with their understanding of their body’s energy. Using it they’ll be able to better manage their worries and pain, they’ll sleep better, lessen anxiety and depression, and develop a greater ease with mindfulness.


What’s even better is that Reiki doesn’t have to be added to the schedule, like homework or meditation. It can be integrated seamlessly throughout the day, and it can be kept private. It’s part of wholistic (or alternative) health, doesn’t have side effects, and it works with any other treatment being used. Reiki is something your child does for themselves, on themselves, and under their own control.


About The Author

Tiffany Hunter, PhD is the Founder and Clinic Director of Healing for People (, an energy medicine health clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. Teaching and working with all ages, her vision is to return energy medicine back to the world of healthcare so everyone understands how to look after their own energy health. She hopes to give people a means to take care of the energy part of their anatomy with the same confidence and lack of mystery as brushing their teeth or staying hydrated. This book is part of that vision.



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