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Use Reiki to thrive this Holiday Season

The season of celebration and giving is also the season of imbalance and depletion.  If the holidays are packaged and sold as the season of giving, and its message is further wrapped in seemingly warm sentiments designed to make people feel that giving to others will ensure that they too will receive and be taken care of, why is it that so many people end up feeling drained, emptied and having to recover following the holidays? The answer is the simple, albeit inconvenient truth that this is more a season of dishonesty than harmony.

      For most, this is the season for celebrating with people we’d rather prefer not to, over-indulging in over-prescribed and ritualized food and drink, all while spending time, energy and money on others in the name of holiday spirit. But what about your spirit, health and personal harmony? Why do you get pushed aside and become subjugated to second best, and is it worth risking your well-being for people you see or celebrate with only on occasion? And if they knew what it was doing to you, would they still want you to?

      While these may be good questions to ponder, they will likely not result in much change.  For the world of advertising, marketing, holiday sentiments and good cheer is strong and family obligations and traditions hold heavy weight among the average conscious. However, there is something that can make a difference and help you to find balance between your personal needs and your perceived need to make others happy during the holiday season. Something that can provide a way for you to not only survive, but thrive during the festivities, and it is something you can give yourself without guilt or worry. It something you can do throughout the day, or at the beginning or end of it, and no one will even notice. That thing of course is a gift you can give you all year round, but becomes even more precious during the holiday season, and that is the gift of Reiki.

      If you’ve had a Reiki attunement you can give yourself Reiki by placing your cupped Reiki hand anywhere on your body at any time. You can do it while at a party, family gathering, and while presenting gifts to others. Additionally, you can give yourself Reiki at the end of the day to help you attain good quality sleep and relaxation so you can meet the coming day with the appropriate amount of cheer required to deck the halls, spin the dreidels, and enjoy every holiday activity.

      Reiki, which provides healing, energy remedy and replenishment to both the physical and auric bodies, provides natural relaxation, restores balance where imbalance has occurred, and re-energizes.  In essence, and its in purest form, Reiki is the natural remedy to the wear and tear that occurs through the activities of daily life. While wear and tear occur everyday and at varying degrees, the holiday season with its hustle and bustle increase its impact exponentially, and this can be true even when you have made the choice not to engage in its festivities. Reiki however will help and rejuvenate. That is a simple fact, not a wish or a hope, Reiki works and will provide your body and energy with the support it’s looking for.

      So what do you do if you don’t have a Reiki attunement? There are a few options you can consider.  Consider giving yourself the gift of receiving a Reiki treatment from a Reiki professional in your area, or finding a Reiki Master Teacher you feel you have a rapport with and trust to provide you with a Reiki attunement. You can also ask a friend you know to have a Reiki attunement to give you at least 20 minutes of Reiki so that you can feel for yourself its benefits. You can also read more about Reiki in a new book, Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine. It is suitable for all levels of adepts & beginners, it's an enjoyable read that will engage & surprise the reader, as it brings forward lost information that is essential in understanding human health and well-being.

      Reiki can do more than help you survive the season, it can help bring you into the New Year with the well-being and increased vitality you deserve.  It is a gift to give yourself and one to give to the many people in your life that you love and want to see happy and in good health.

- Chyna Honey

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