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Reiki: A gift & resolution all in one!

At this time of year people often start listing their new years resolutions, which are generally designed to help people live a happier, healthier, and more enjoyable lifestyle. The problem however that many ultimately face is that is most resolutions end up depriving the person of things enjoyed, or used as a coping crutch without having replaced it with something else. It’s the reason so many resolutions go unfulfilled, and as a result many get caught in a cycle of feeling guilty for having failed or disappointed for having a lack of focus or personal commitment. These negative feelings, and the effect they have on the human energy field are in direct opposition to the spirit and goals of resolutions. Furthermore they're at the heart of why so many of us lack the belief that we can change, and improve our quality of life in lasting ways, but we can, and Reiki can help. Reiki is both a personal gift, and a resolution that is easy to keep, all in one.

“Reiki is a pure, natural, human energy vibration that provides healing to the physical and auric layers of the human body. It helps to alleviate physical pain, promotes the biologically necessary relaxation instinct, which in turn, boosts the natural healing abilities of humans”.[1] Using Reiki as a self-care treatment each day, even for as little as 5-10 minutes during the day, or at the end of it, will provide your energy system with the remedy needed to repair and restore it from the wear and tear of daily life. Reiki is a resolution that is easy to keep and will have a direct, and cumulative affect on health of your energy system.

Here are five simple ways you can easily incorporate Reiki into your daily self-care regime:

Placing cupped Reiki hands on your chest or stomach as you lie in bed before drifting off to sleep.  This can help you relax, and has the extra benefit of helping to slow down an overactive mind. Sleep is generally achieved faster, and the quality of sleep experienced is greater.

Reiki each meal before eating. Placing your cupped Reiki hands over your food before you enjoy it will energetically clean the food, and in a sense better prepare the food for assimilation into your body. Placing a cupped Reiki hand briefly over your stomach as you eat can further enhance the experience. This can be for just a few minutes and is not required for the length of the meal. This can have the added benefit of improving digestion, and helping you to notice when your physical body is satiated and requires no further food.

Using Reiki to address minor aches and pains throughout the day. Another great thing about using Reiki is it does not require a meditative state or any other form of mental or emotional adjustment for it to work. Simply placing your cupped Reiki hand on the area where pain or discomfort is being experienced is enough to start the flow of Reiki working with the rest of you to provide remedy. This means that it is as easy to use at your desk at work as it is standing in line at the grocery store.

Find a Reiki Practitioner in your area and book a Reiki appointment. If you like it, which is easy to do, consider booking appointments with whatever regularity your budget allows.  Whether you are new to Reiki, a student of it ,or a practitioner yourself, there are many benefits to receiving a Reiki session and including its practice as part of your own self-care regime.

Read a good book about Reiki. Make it one that provides you with information that is immediately accessible and easy to understand.  Having language and an explanation for why and how Reiki works, will help to establish greater value for its practice and its place within your ever- changing lifestyle. My book Understanding Reiki: From Self Care to Energy Medicine is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and What makes this book unique is that is places Reiki back within its rightful place of Energy Medicine, which makes explaining its use, as well as how and why its works easier to understand and explain to others, as well as being suitable for all levels. Additionally, there are many other books written on the subject of Reiki that you can choose from. To be certain it will contain the information you need, consider choosing a book that it suitable for all levels of Reiki from the yet-to–be attuned, to the student, to the Reiki Master Teacher.

Of course if you belong to the yet-to-be attuned group the best place to start is to continue your reading and consider searching out a local Reiki Master Teacher your feel comfortable with to administer to you the basic teaching and attunement required so that you too can become a channel of the Reiki vibration.

Using Reiki on a daily basis is among the easiest and most effective ways to boost your level of self-care. It is a natural part of any self-care regime and adds to your quality of being without taking anything away or depriving yourself in any way. Its simple, effective and once attuned, it’s yours for the remainder of your lifetime. So enjoy it and the you that emerges within this new year…

Written by: Chyna Honey

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